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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Wolf of Gubbio
Fierceness melts away in the hands of Saint Francis . . .


Francis looked into the remorseful eyes of the once ferocious, but now humble wolf.
“Brother wolf, you have devoured the people’s reflection of God’s true image once blazoned on the mirror of their souls.
With your ravenous appetites, pride, power, pleasure,
many of the people of the village of Gubbio have perished.”

The wolf gazed upon the tombstones of the people that had been devoured and saw the ancient symbol of the Eucharist: a mother Pelican piercing her own breast to feed
her young her very blood. Both food and phoenix. Born again from her own
self giving. What a stark contrast to the fear driven self preservation of the wolf.
Destruction and death. Now the wolf hungered for mercy.

With compassion Francis remembered the appetites of his youth that lead him astray,
yet he lifted his head out of remorse to receive and reflect the good things
God intended him to be. The wolf put his paw in Francis’s hand and believed
Francis’s promise that God would fill the great dark hollow within the wolf.
And the community of Gubbio would support this and care for the wolf.
The wolf now lived openly among the townspeople of Gubbio and became a living covenant to support each other in defeating the darkness within us all.
Choosing light and clarity in reflecting God’s goodness,
His divine mercy and divine grace.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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