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"Preach the Gospel at all times, and when neccessary
use greeting cards!"

A Life Line of Saint Francis
"The Creche
Saint Francis' re-creates the spirit of Christmas . . .


Like the star over Bethlehem long ago, Francis wished to rekindle that wondrous joy of finding God with us. To make a pilgrimage to the very first Christmas . . .

Like finding Moses in a basket, here was the Messiah in a manger.
A tiny child to stir our sense of wonder. The king of heaven who became poor,
so that we could become rich.

Francis assembled a humble cast, an ox, donkey and sheep, and a newborn babe
from the village of Greccio to reenact the silent and most holy night
when Jesus was born. When Francis gazed into the eye’s of the infant,
he saw what was seen in every face he encountered,
the face of Christ. He wept at the nearness of God.

Francis had found the treasure of heaven and wished to retell this story of the birth
of Jesus, and the star that shined upon a small grotto that sheltered a poor family.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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