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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Stigmata Emblazoned
Saint Francis' accepts the wounds of Christ. . .


Upon Mount LaVerna, standing at the pinnacle of his path steeped in prayer,
Francis received the Stigmata, the mystical signs of the passion of Jesus.
Open wounds revealing the life force of love,
carried on the six wings of the Seraphim.

From the beginning of his path of Gospel living,
the wounds of Christ and that of the least of his brethren,
were deeply impressed upon his heart.
Now they crowned the life of Francis who conformed his heart to that of Jesus,
the true image and radiance of the living God.

Clearly seen was the unbroken path that he had walked.
Crystal clear was the Alpha and Omega of Francis’ path of wonder,
how the cross first contemplated in the chapel of San Damiano
was connected to the cross of the Stigmata.

Francis became what he had gazed upon,
Jesus reached into Francis’ heart
to show him the treasure he had stored up in heaven,
by the path he had walked.
Three gold coins of immeasurable worth.

His path of prayer, poverty, contemplation, loving actions,
humility, charity, peacemaking, had brought him to union with his Lord,
Jesus Christ, inseparably connected. Truly a path of wonder.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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