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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Crucifix of San Damiano
Saint Francis receives his calling. . .


Francis wandered the Tuscan countryside
discerning his calling.
Like a powerful impression from a dream,
it was murky yet haunting.
In prayer he knew he had to strive toward it
and guard the bit he could presently grasp.

Francis was about to walk a path of wonder,
to walk in the footsteps of the Gospel.
His epiphany came as he gazed upon a crucifix
discovered in a broken down chapel in the San Damiano countryside.
A stunning red crucifix, rendered in the Byzantine style
of Icon writing, written as they say, as opposed to painted,
because they contain the Word of God.
And the Word did indeed speak to Francis,
the eyes of Jesus on that cross had caught his gaze.

Francis took down the cross and gently wiped away the accumulated dust,
bathing the crucifix in adoration and setting it up where he could clearly
read the Word written upon it.
Francis marveled at the humility of the cross, clearly the triumph of Christ,
on the cross yet conquering it. He gazed upon his Priest forever,
who answered the meaning of humility, suffering and death.
Francis saw the icon painting as a masterpiece of love.
The Word spoke to him,
“Take these answers and rebuild my church, for it has fallen into ruin.”

Francis could not possibly know this commission
that he humbly understood to rebuild the broken down chapel, stone by stone,
would lead to rebuilding the Body of Christ, person by person.

Francis started his walk with the Lord, taking the first step on his path of peace,
inseparably linking to a signpost far down the path,
when Francis would receive the Stigmata,
a mystical sign that would mirror this moment he stood upon.
Francis would become the sign of the cross,
in imitation of his Lord Jesus Christ.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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