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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Perfect Joy
Saint Francis endures robbers and scoffers . . .


One may suppose perfect joy is having things go your way,
especially when one is going about doing the Lord’s work.
To end with a flourishing finish, to prosper in every endeavor.

Or is it that perfect joy is being thrown in a snow filled gulch and providing a good
laugh for others at your expense? Francis found out being the King’s Herald
was not enough to keep him from being accosted by robbers on a preaching tour.
“This fool has nothing to rob, he has even less than a beggar! Look at him!
He seems happy to have nothing worth taking!” And they flung him into the snow.
“Who wants to chase the holy man down the rabbit hole?!!!”

Would it be perfect joy to have my ego and self worth thrown in a ditch?
To have those who scoff at the value of religion call me a prime example
of another religious idiot. “Anyone with a sliver of intellect can see
the bondage of religion and senselessness of faith.”

But when the laughing dies down and the perfect joy that was written on Francis’ face haunts them, who among them will later return unable to deny what they saw,
that he had something they didn’t have, something that could not be stolen.

It would cause their hearts to burn within them and seek it out, “I want what that man
has, and it was free for the taking, if I would only accept it.”
Some did not seek Him out, for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. To those who take up their cross, they will come to know perfect joy.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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