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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Path of Peace
Saint Francis' conversation with the Sultan . . .


Another Crusade was launched to reclaim the Holy Land and Francis could not help but think of launching a crusade of his own. “What if the Holy Land was in our hearts, and
each sacred site was fought over in the inner room of our soul? Francis and his companion Illuminato braved not only many real dangers in seeking an audience with the Sultan
al-Kamil, but also had to climb over a mountain of misperceptions, ignorance, cliches, prejudices and of course, fear.

Upon arriving and meeting the Sultan al-Kamil, the exchange in their eyes was immediate,
this would not be a meeting comparing mere words, for they both came from different books. Francis could not help but marvel at the sincere submission and piety of the
Saracens, sometimes to the shame of Christians, yet could the Sultan grasp an even
greater revelation of God? Majesty, Honor and Glory and yet also there is mercy, humility
and a vastness of Love . . . so much that he joined Himself to us, became one of us, and
He sacrificed himself to save us.

Is there room in the human heart for mystery? When the written word stops and the Living Word begins, so does understanding. Francis had faith that the Trinity would reveal all.
He held out the living flame of the Holy Spirit and invited the Sultan to enter into the
mystery. Deep was the light in His eyes that stirred the Sultan’s soul.
There was something left whispering in the Sultan’s heart that could not be denied,
that the true search for peace and holiness often exceeded what both many Saracens
and Christians were prepared to give. Until they moved beyond their clinging to the written word and embraced the Living Word, the talk of peace would remain the talk of peace
instead of living in peace.

The Sultan sent Francis on his way with the greatest regard and insisted he and his band
of brothers would always have access to the Holy Land, for he knew that they both caught
a glimpse of it as it shimmered in their very souls.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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