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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Living Stones
Saint Francis sets the first stone in rebuilding the Church. . .


With humble dedication Francis found the means, step by step, stone by stone, to rebuild
the little church at San Damiano. With an industrious heart he took up Jesus’
commission to restore his ruined Church. Carefully and with great effort he hoisted new stones in place, carefully positioning each and every one.

Without regard to the back breaking work, without speculation to whom would return,
he gave his first sermon to the sparrows, finches and larks who looked upon his work,
all twelve of them, his first followers.
“Give God thanks for your splendor and liberty to fly!”

And praise God they did, according to their nature,
in gratitude they would take wing in the purity of the air.
As he took a moment to rest his arms from lifting,
He was reassured that his repairs would adhere to the true foundation.
For unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.
For he was not asked to lay a new foundation, or tear down
what was ruined, only repair, mend and restore.

There are workers and there are wasters, there are those who spread sweetness
like the industrious honey bees, working in community and nurturing others.
And then there are flies who irritate festering wounds, murmurers, mockers,
and fault finders, who chew unceasingly on scandal to justify their absence.
Francis wanted to be one of the living stones building up God’s spiritual temple,
not dead weight and indifferent. Francis never lost site of the heavenly Jerusalem,
he was already in it.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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