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A Life Line of Saint Francis
This book on disc is a wonderful opportunity
to discover the special charism of St. Francis of Assisi


Composed by Secular Franciscans in the
St. Francis of Assisi Fraternity of Oakville, Missouri

Each Event in the Lifeline Series begins first with a Sculpture by Mujana Darian,OFS
& accompanying Poetry by Rita Baughman,OFS.

Second, artwork by Howard Schroeder,OFS & accompanying writings.

Third, an Omnibus of original source material
for content prepared by Gary Haller,OFS.

Below is a sample of the First Story in the "Lifeline"

First Story

The stories may be viewed on your computer OR they can be printed from disc
for lesson plans and educational use in cooperation
with the Users Agreement on page 61.


Page 1 “Forward, Introductions & Table of Contents
Page 7 “Clothed In Splendor” Francis kisses and embraces a Leper
Page 11 “Crucifix of San Damiano” Words from the Cross of Christ
Page 15 “Living Stones” Francis takes up his call to rebuild the Church
Page 19 “Perfect Joy” Francis’ joy from within cannot be stolen
Page 23 “The Wolf of Gubbio” Francis tames a fierce beast with compassion & kindness
Page 27 “Canticle of Chiara” Francis receives Clare into the Order
Page 31 “The Path of Peace” Francis has a peaceful dialogue with the Sultan
Page 35 “The Creche” Francis recreates the first Christmas with a Nativity Scene
Page 39 “Blowin’ In The Wind” Francis discovers the meaning of true freedom
Page 43 “The Stigmata Emblazoned” Francis receives the Wounds of Christ
Page 47 “Brother Lady Jacoba” Francis receives Brother Jacoba into his cell
Page 51 “Transitus” Francis is received into the Kingdom of Jesus

Page 55 “Group Discussion/ Questions” Key questions to prompt a group discussion
Page 57 “Bibliography” Source materials & origins of content
Page 58 “Biographies” About the OFS contributors to this content.
Page 61 User’s Agreement Permission and Terms/Limitations
for use of the Art & Writings on this Disk.

Howard Schroeder, OFS

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