I like the science! I want to be smarter than a 5th grader! I knew these kids in this story, and they remind me of that special time when it was genuinely fun to learn. It was all about that sense of wonder and no one was left behind.

Provides some recall of fun scientific knowledge along with a lot of really cool astronomy that I evidently missed. A good read for kids and a good read for adults who want to remember when discovery was everything and that it never ends. Mystery revealed.
Susan Schroeder
has taught High School for over twenty years. In her teaching of Biology, Geology, and Astronomy, she has gained a background to help develop the intrigue for this story. Written so that everyone can understand, she unfolds the secret of the movement of the sun in the sky throughout the year. Cardinal Points: NORTH will help you add to your understanding of yourself in your backyard celestial sphere.

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Cardinal Points: North is published by AuthorHouse

Clues, Science, Mystery, Friends and astonishing Family Histories . . .

How was it that Pete never knew about the family fortune that was hidden in the old church? With his faher away reporting on the war in Iraq, and his mother busy with his smaller twin sisters, Pete seeks the guidance of his grandmother, who is filled with amazing information on astronomy, geology, and family history. As the story unfolds, Pete discovers the mystery of the analemma, the equation of time, the old church on the hill, and the family cemetery. Join the search for the truth about family and treasure in Cardinal Points: NORTH.

An educational adventure mystery for the whole family . . .