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A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Brother Lady Jacoba
Patron and Dear Friend of Saint Francis . . .


As Francis neared the end of his sojourn, he wished for one last visit from Lady Jacoba,
who was always quick to help the brother friars, ready to offer food, mending garments, serving the poor, and long to pray devotion, gratitude and petitions.
Francis came to see her as a true brother to him and all his band of brothers when they visited in Rome. She was as bold as any brother friar in living the Gospel life of charity.
And so she was welcomed into Francis’ monastic cell as a brother.
She was a patroness to the kingdom Francis belonged to,
she could see the only true poverty in this world is Love not being loved.
All the wealth of this world could not hide that.
Blessed are the poor in spirit, sweetness follows.

Without being beckoned “brother Jacoba” was at Francis’ side with the sweet
honey almond confection he so loved, mustaccioli (Franchipani).
He desired one last sweet reminder, His lips would touch but could not swallow.
In a flash of memory he felt the warmth and sweetness of a summers day
when he lay in a field of crimson poppies
marveling at the presence of the youth of a thousand summers, the sweet youthful
vision of a simple summer day crowned more glorious than King Solomon.

Francis felt the warmth and beauty of a human soul drawing near perfection,
The lantern of his soul had burned brightly. As he looked into the eyes of his dear
friend Jacoba, she could sense a new song rise in his heart:
“The wings of sister death are beginning to sweep my soul, my heart is burning within me, pouring out a fountain of feathering light. Longing for the nearness of home,
time shows me her tenderest, sweetest moments my life flashes before me,
deep is the light I am called to the presence of love without end.”

The true sweetness he knew, were the brothers and sisters to share his fiery vision,
now an extended family, A Third Order of brothers and sisters of prayer and penance.
Brother Lady Jacoba de Settesoli was one of these.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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