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"Preach the Gospel at all times, and when neccessary
use greeting cards!"

A Life Line of Saint Francis
"Blowing In The Wind
Many speak of freedom, Saint Francis found it . . .


Many chase after a notion of freedom that blows away from their grasp,
leaving them to reap whirlwinds of illusion time after time.
Who can catch the wind of the Spirit
and discern the answers carried upon her breath?

Like the reaching arms of a windmill,
Francesco grasped the wind and harnessed her wisdom and strength
with an energetic heart into loving acts of service to others.

Because of sinful pursuits the answers blow away from many,
no matter how many times they are written down.
The four winds of the Gospel surged into the heart of Francis,
for he recognized the Living Word that was in the written word.
He pursued holiness.

Francesco reached out and caught the answer,
He lived the answer, he became the answer.
The words spoken by Jesus in the Beatitudes
have gone to the four cardinal points for all to hear.
Blessed are they who seek true freedom in loving God
in the faces of all His many reflections.
May His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Howard Schroeder, sfo

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